Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Greenpeace seeks help to save the Amazon

29 March 2012
Source: Dominican Today

Dear friends,

The Rainbow Warrior is alongside at Santarém right now, on the Amazon River.

Kristin Bauer, who plays Pam in the TV series "True Blood", just sent us this short video message of solidarity to share.

It may be that it's finally spring time where I am right now, but I feel there's a real sense of hope building again for the rainforest!

Our new campaigning ship has begun its journey down the majestic river to the Brazilian coast before making its way to Rio de Janeiro for the UN Rio+20 Summit in June.

The expedition will highlight the beauty and importance of protecting the rainforest, expose the drivers of its destruction and champion the solutions needed to achieve zero deforestation in Brazil.

Please sign up on our Amazon homepage to journey with us, and support the people of Brazil campaigning to save the Amazon.

This is the beginning of an initiative that's not only protesting regressive change like the new Forest Code, but pushing for a hopeful, ambitious new law to save the Amazon for all.

Brazil needs a strong legal framework to make sure they continue to reduce deforestation, and we can help by building the movement to save the Amazon!

With warm wishes (from sunny Amsterdam!),

Eoin Dubsky

Greenpeace International

P.S. The Amazon is humanity's future. Please sign up on our Amazon homepage to journey with us.

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