Monday, November 21, 2011

Ecuador's Amazon 'amazing destination'

17 November 2011
Source: Year Out Group

Those in the process of gap year planning should consider visiting Ecuador and seeing the Amazon for themselves.

Isabel Choat has picked the destination as one of the seven wonders of the natural world and advised travellers to make the trip to see the site.

She warned that the rainforest is disappearing "at a mind-boggling and terrifying rate", meaning that the sooner a journey is made the more likely it is that a visitor will be able to experience the site in all of its glory.

Ms Choat said that those who are concerned about the impact of illegal logging and oil companies' behaviours is to visit the yachana Lodge on the Napo river's banks.

The site works with young people from tribal communities in order to give people the skills to protect the forest through sustainable tourism.

Those doing their gap year planning were recently advised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to do their research and to learn local customs before taking their trip, enhancing their experience and ensuring they earn respect in their destination.

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