Monday, November 7, 2011

Amazon rainforest photo exhibition

Nov 3, 2011
Source: Cool Earth

A new, stimulating and free photographic exhibition opens today and runs until December 4th at Somerset House, London. Organised by Sky together with the WWF, the exhibition is called Sky Rainforest Rescue.

It was opened by actress Gemma Arteton dressed up as Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies. Photos were taken by the award winning photographers Sebastiao Salgado and Per Anders Pettersson to domument the Amazon rainforest and present threats.

According to Arteton: “It is easy to deforest, it's quick money, so this is about giving people other means to make a living by using the rainforest.”

The photographer Pettersson added: “Some of the images will help visitors understand the deforestation first hand. Others show the reality of life in poor communities of the region. And some show the innovative solutions to deforestation that WWF and Sky are using.”

Most of Petterssons photos were taken recently in the Acre region of Brazil's Amazon which is suffering extreme levels of deforestation and has opened a new trade route road via Peru to the Pacific ocean in the last couple of years.

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