Saturday, July 30, 2011

mazon Deforestation

29 July 2011
Source: Cool Earth

Logging continues for a second year in two communities on the Rio Ene in Peru's Amazon region. These communities lie immediately north and immediately south of the rainforest being protected by Cool Earth in close collaboration with three core Ashaninka communities.

Piles of massive trunks, cut from valuable tornillo trees (Cedrelinga catenaeformis of the Leguminosae family) lie on the river banks waiting to be floated 50 miles downstream to the nearest decent road-head. Tornillo trees grow tall and straight on the slopes and plateaux of Brazilian and Peruvian rainforest mountains. Here in the Ene Valley the best species are found at over 1000m above sea level, more than 550m above the level of the Ene river. It can grow over 150ft (46m) high with a girth of between 4ft and 9ft (1m and 3m). Tornillo's like humid soil and the wood - valued for construction and furniture components - is known for its resilience to weather and time.

Cool Earth's avoided deforestation project has been running since February 2008 and conserves over 50,400 hectares of rainforest. Within this area, protected by the Ashaninka, there are several impressive stands of tornillo. Link

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