Saturday, June 19, 2010

Amazon (Documentary by Kara David)

Source: GMA


(An I-Witness Documentary hosted by Kara David)

In a rare television moment, Kara David embarks on a documentary about the biggest tropical rainforest in the world – the Amazon in Brazil. The Peabody Award-winning host and her team travel for more than two days to reach the Amazon rainforest, which is considered to be the “cradle of species" having the largest collection of flora and fauna on the planet.

Going deep into the Amazon, Kara and her team embark on a boat cruise to Rio Negro, the biggest tributary of the Amazon River, also the biggest river in the world. Although the name Rio Negro literally means black river, its waters are not necessarily black, but similar in color to strong tea. It is also infested with the ferocious meat–eating piranhas that are said to attack other animals, even humans.

More than the notoriety of the piranhas in Rio Negro, the river is also famous for the Amazon freshwater dolphins. They are the only known dolphins in the world that have an amazing pink coloration. These pink dolphins demonstrated their friendliness when Kara David went for a dip in Rio Negro. However, due to pollution and excessive fishing, pink dolphins are among the most endangered species in the Amazon.

The journey also brings Kara and her team to an adventure of close encounters with other animals that inhabit the Amazon, such as sloths, iguanas, caymans and the boa constrictor. Kara gets a rare opportunity to meet the Satere Mawe tribe, a Native Indian group that is known for their initiation rite for young males. The ritual involves weaving hundreds of bullet ants into a glove for the adolescent boy to wear for ten minutes. The ant venom temporarily paralyzes the boy’s hand and arm, which may last for days. This bullet ant is the biggest type of ant in the world and is ranked number one for the most painful sting, according to the Schmidt Sting Pain Index.

Discover why the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is the land of superlatives this Monday night after Saksi.

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